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5 ways to enjoy your Ecozoom GREEN rocket stove!

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You ordered an Ecozoom VERDE rocket stove on www.ecozoom.ro. It arrived, carefully packed in 2 rows of cardboard, with the instructions on the side of the box.

You already know that Ecozoom VERDE is a wood-fired stove. The fire hearth is professionally insulated, with ceramic fiber or ceramic block, the combustion is effective, smoke-free. OK, how do we get her to work? We've gathered from experience 5 ideas to enjoy your efficient Ecozoom GREEN stove every day.

1. You can cook on woodObvious.

Use it in the yard, in the garden, in the woods, on the beach, on the balcony, always outside. You can boil, fry, caramelize. You can do whatever you do on a normal stove. We boiled the wire in a pressure cooker, made corn, pilafs, Asian wok, etc. The diameter of the cast iron stand is 26 cm and is ideal for medium pots, up to 6-10 servings.

2. You can keep mosquitoes at bay

You can burn wet twigs that you find around you. You can burn sprigs of leve, basil or rosemary. Their smoke will banish the mosquitoes around your table or tent.

3. You can sterilize water

For small amounts of water, an effective process is to sterilise it by boiling. Did you know that Ecozoom VERDE was designed to take 5l of water to boiling in 28 minutes? Don't forget to use hard, dry, thumb-thick, hard-to-hand twigs.

4. You can make a controlled fire

We often realize that we have given up the pleasure of fire because it can be difficult to control or even illegal to start. Ecozoom VERDE is a fire hearth optimized to burn controlled wooden twigs and is ideal to use for controlled outdoor fire. Place the stove on a solid surface away from fireable materials and enjoy the clean, smoke-free flame. You can also feed the cregs on the stove.

5.You can burn aromatic resins, after you put out the fire and you were left with jar. The insulated hearth will keep the jar long enough to experiment with aromatic resin blends. They have a calming and very pleasant effect in nature encounters.


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