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Although it seems strange, in Romania there are few wood stoves that are both portable and efficient. The reason may be that we have never run out of wood. It has traditionally been cooked on boot-type stoves and open hearths, directly over the fire.

Only recently did I understand that wood is a precious resource and that it is becoming increasingly difficult to make a fire in nature. Fire has become a luxury, which requires special areas, special attention and is no longer available to anyone and not ever. From a natural fact, the fire of the family, the fire of the hearth, the daily fire turned into the whistle of the blue flame of the bottle or the stove in the kitchen.

The fire was replaced by the TV. Fireplaces are a rare accessory. Modernity has robbed us of the simplest joy, that of lighting the flame, of smelling the wood. Fire is therapeutic and we explain below why you need to enjoy it every day. It's simple.

We offer you 10 reasons to enjoy fire, using the EcoZoom GREEN rocket stove.

1. Free fuel. Stop carrying wood.

You will be able to use any biomass dry. Cones, fallen branches, vineyard and tree cleaning debris, agricultural debris. You have fuel at your feet, anywhere.

2. Efficient and controlled combustion. No smoke in the eyes.

The EcoZoom fireplace is insulated with ceramic fiber, which means that the burning temperature is much higher than ordinary outdoor fire. Combustion is more efficient, without unburned gases, ie smoke. You will not disturb your family or your camping neighbors.

3. Portable and durable. 6kg. You take it with you everywhere.

soba compact rocket

Store the EcoZoom GREEN stove in the trunk, on the terrace, in your summer kitchen. You will see that it takes up space as a cube with a side of 30 cm. it is a beautiful object that attracts attention and starts conversations. "How, a bucket with a hole? Yes, it's an efficient stove, let me show you" :)

4. Steel, cast iron, ceramic / ceramic fiber. Durable materials.

soba rocket component ecozoom green

Unlike portable gas burners, which are fragile and bottle-consuming, the EcoZoom VERDE rocket stove is made of durable materials. Although you have a 3-year warranty, you will use this portable stove for at least 10. And if it happens that a component fails, contact us at salut@ecozoom.ro and we will do our best to replace it.

5. Stable, does not heat up. Cook without fear of burning yourself.

efficient stable rocket stove

In a simple search, you will find a variety of welded burners on the net. Be careful, they turn red, which can be dangerous for you or your children. With EcoZoom it's simple, the fireplace is insulated. The outer steel jacket will heat up a little in prolonged use, but not so hard as to cause burns. In fact, if you cook in less than an hour, you will be able to touch the surface without fear. The construction is stable and can support heavy vessels, such as 10l pots. The cast iron dish holder has a special shape that allows you to use any kind of dish, with a convex or straight bottom.

6. Professional. You cook for 6 people. 1kg of wood boil 5l of water in 28 minutes.

soba efficient rocket ecozoom green

Don't be fooled by the small size of your EcoZoom stove. Use a 10 l pressure cooker and you will see that you can cook very quickly for your family and group of friends. You can take our word for it, they will be delighted. EcoZoom is powerful and efficient.

7. Friendly with children. Teach them how to use fire safely.

portable summer kitchen rocket stove

There are few children who still know how to light a fire and this is normal. With EcoZoom you can show your children how to light a safe wood fire. You will see that they are happy, all the children are happy to see the flame dancing, to stir in the embers, to boil water for a tea or to make popcorn. Fire is magic for children and it is your duty to create conditions for them to play with fire safely.

8. Uses the minimum of local, renewable resources. No bottles, no hoses, no costs, no waste.

the impact of ecozoom

It is important to be aware of our footprint. Use the EcoZoom burner and you will be surprised to find out that you need 4 fir cones to make a coffee. Or that you can use 3 twigs, as big as a thumb and 30 cm long, for a barbecue for 2 people. It's almost unbelievable how little fuel you're going to use, and that's important. No more searching for wood in the woods, just a dry twig from the first tree next to you. We encourage the trees to groom and never cut them for fuel. What if everyone used the GREEN EcoZoom in the woods, on vacation, on the beach? No bottles, no carelessly abandoned fireplaces, no fires.

9. Built by professionals with over 20 years of experience. Don't play or experiment, go safe.

You should know that EcoZoom was born from research efforts and experiments in difficult conditions, where people do not have access to gas or wood. With an optimized design, with a minimum of components, designed to withstand years of use, it is completely different from anything you've ever tried. EcoZoom was born in Aprovecho research institute, famous for its experience in efficient wood burners.

10. A fair price, which pays off faster than you expect.

OK, we know that the price of the EcoZoom burner is not the lowest, especially if you are used to tin toys and disposable bottles that end when your world is dearer. The EcoZoom price covers the best quality materials and a 3-year warranty.

That doesn't mean you'll have to buy another one in 36 months. Forget the planned wear and tear and enjoy a technology designed to last, which uses free fuel, is friendly to work and spectacular in results.

You know what? If it doesn't satisfy you, you can return it for free.

It's good to know that EcoZoom USA is a social enterprise and that part of EcoZoom's profits go to community projects.

Please contact us on salut@ecozoom.ro any questions you have and we will be happy to answer you.



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