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What is an efficient rocket burner and what is different from outdoor fire?

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The way a rocket stove is built is very simple, at the base it is equipped with an air outlet, above it is the combustion chamber and a vertical combustion chamber. What sets the Ecozoom rocket stove apart from other burners is the professional insulation of the combustion chamber. This type of insulation is the result of decades of research and ensures temperature increase in the combustion chamber to ensure a clean, stronger, more efficient and free toxic gas resulting from incomplete wood burning. At the same time, thanks to this insulation the outer part of the burner does not get hot so you can touch it during use and eliminate the risk of unforeseen accidents.

 That said, we present below 3 reasons why you can take an effective burner with you when you go out into nature.

1.  An effective burner is discreet

If you're the kind who goes in nature to enjoy the quiet and the group of friends, an effective Ecozoom burner guarantees you won't be seen from a distance by other people. Discreetly, the efficient Ecozoom burner will completely burn the woody mass you will use, will not remove smoke, and will emit 60% less CO2 than a classic burner. No risk of fire, no digging or looking for stones.

2.  With an efficient burner you can burn any type of biomass.

An efficient burner uses much less wood than a free fire, only with a handful of coves you can cook an entire table. Ecozoom VERDE leads to boiling a quantity of 5l of water in 28 minutes, using 400 grams of wood or biomass. It rids you of the care of looking, carrying, cutting and breaking wood. At the same time, you can use any type of biomass, from hardwood to cobs, pine cones or even corn cobs.


3. An efficient Ecozoom burner is robust, durable and portable

 The efficient Ecozoom VERDE burner has a robust construction, designed for 3 years of operation. It features a cast iron support with 6 studs for pots, professional refractory ceramic insulation / ceramic fiber resistant to 1000 degrees Celsius and reinforced frame for increased durability. With dimensions of 30x30x30 centimeters, a weight of 6kg and efficient steel and wood handles, Ecozoom VERDE is ideal in the trunk of your car, to have it at all times at your fingertips.

Ecozoom is more than an effective burner, a lifestyle or a way to spend your free time, it's a global movement. We're happy to bring her closer to you.



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