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Why is the Ecozoom GREEN rocket stove better than bottle burners

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In recent years we have seen that propane burners are often used in trips and outdoor outings.

Only in last weather reach the market from Romania stoves effective on wood, such as the GREEN Ecozoom, which turns outdoor cooking into a pleasant task and which does not bring with it the disadvantages of gas cylinders. Stove Ecozoom rocket works with biomass which you usually find dropped to your feet in the woods.

If you want to cook while hiking, you will need a camping and fuel burner that to be able to do food for you and your friends. In recent decades, propane stoves have become the de facto type of stoves used in campsites, probably because they act as an indoor gas stove, making them accessible to caravans of all types. Into the time which propane stoves offer a familiarity and ease of use for camping, they have their disadvantages. It can to be biased ... ok we're really biased, but here it is 5 reasons why Ecozoom GREEN beat burners on the bottle.

FIZZLE - If you ever used a propane stove in time what you do camping, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Maybe it's the end of the day and you're tired, or it may crack during the day and you try to wake up nice and slow. Either way, you appreciate the peace in the nature, free artificial noises ... but don't get too used to it. As soon as you turn on the propane stove you will hear whistling unpleasant of gas. It's not exactly the peace you were looking for. Stove on wood EcoZoom GREEN is not quiet, but offers the natural, quiet and comforting crackle of fire on wood and the specific roar of "rocket stove".

HOSE - If do you cook on a stove with a bottle, you a hose you need to him connected. To stay it requires a lot of attention and can be dangerous. An insecure connection can lead to a fire. You also need to make sure that the hose is in perfect condition and has no laddersseems. Stove for cooking EcoZoom has no connectors or care hoses. No need to worry about it to leaks or Unsafe explosions, simply light the fire in the room burning and watch it burn slowly and safely.

lighter - Click. Click. Click. Turn off the gas. Click. Click. Click. it seems that the ignition switch does not May do what the job which he did in first day. In fact, there is May many components who can present Wear. Check it outthem all before use the stove to you ensure that everything is working properly. EcoZoom VERDE has no moving parts. Ecozoom wood burners are simple products and with few components, but don't be fooled by this. Simple design leads to a cooking power big and effective. TRANSPORT - It is not difficult to transport propane cylinders, but they must be protected so that they do not enter or to between in contact with heat. EcoZoom stoves use wood or coal for fuel.

LAST BREATH - To stay without propane in the middle of cooking is awful. To stay it makes me remember a funny story from the past, when I ran out of gas to bottle fixed in the middle of a birthday party where I was cooking burgers. Not wait to it happen to stay, go buy and bring an extra can of propane. Or forget about propane! EcoZoom stoves use vines, twigs, cones ... or any other type of biomass. Look around and you'll probably never run out of fuel.

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