Ecozoom or how an efficient burner can reduce pollution globally

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Whether we are talking about thermal power plants, lighters, industrial ovens or a campfire that you share with your friends, we can conclude that fire surrounds us and shapes our daily lives. In addition to its utilitarian function, we often forget one of the primary functions of fire, namely that of socialization. Let's sit by the fire, cook, enjoy nature and those around us and let time pass. Well, our efficient burners aim to offer you this conviviality framework in a friendlier, more accessible and more portable way.

green ecozoom rocket stove in the yard

How can an effective burner successfully replace a fire tin the open air?

 Imagine that you are at the edge of a forest, you took with you everything you need for the perfect grill but you can't find wood. Either they are too wet, or they are of low caloric power or before you there were other groups and they cleaned everything before you. Ecozoom GREEN gets rid of these worries. Fireplace fire is isolated professional, flame It is cleanse and strong. It is enough a handful of vines that to cook for you and your group of friends.

Ecozoom GREEN leads to boil an amount of 5l of the water into the 28 minutes, using 400 grams of wood or biomass.

Can a wood burner protect the forest?

The construction of Ecozoom rocket stoves has 30 years of research into efficient combustion and the improvement of biomass burners. GREEN ecozoom saves approx. 60% of the fuel, reducing CO2 emissions.

The branches fromgrooming forest areas and discouraging their deforestation. Each efficient Ecozoom burner saves, on average, 40 trees from pruning in a period of about 5 years.

Can an efficient burner have a global impact?

 Since 2011, Ecozoom products have managed globally to save more than 2 and a half million trees from deforestation, reduce CO2 emissions by more than 954,000 tonnes and reduce the consumption of kerosene in conventional burners by more than 20 million liters.

Ecozoom impact study 2018

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 Ecozoom is more than an efficient burner, a lifestile or a way to spend your free time, it is a global movement. We are happy to bring her closer to you.


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