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How the ECOZOOM Green rocket stove is insulated

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ECOZOOM Green Rocket Stove is an efficient portable wood stove. You will be able to cook food for 6 people with only 1kg of branches, vines, cones or charcoal (using the additional internal grill).

Burning is so efficient that the amount of smoke is 80% lower than that of an outdoor fire. Ecozoom Verde succeeds because the burning takes place in an isolated room with state-of-the-art materials.

There are 20 years of study of Aprovecho research institute about the efficient burning of the wood behind the original Ecozoom design.

It has gathered the experience of over one million users in Asia, Africa and Latin America, with whom Ecozoom has developed a wood cooking tool as reliable and efficient as a stove.

You will be able to choose between 2 types of interior insulation of the combustion chamber: refractory ceramic insulation and light ceramic fiber insulation.

You have already decided that you will buy a portable Ecozoom GREEN wood stove and you are at the time of choosing the interior insulation.

What is the difference between these two types of insulation of rocket stoves?


Insulated ceramic fiber models are 1 kg lighter than those insulated with refractory ceramic, which is a very visible difference when you have to carry stoves. White ceramic fiber weighs significantly less than solid ceramic, without compromising on durability or insulation threshold.

We recommend ECOZOOM Green insulated with refractory ceramics for summer kitchens, base camp, emergency preparedness. It is solid and stable. You will be able to cook daily in 3 years. Weight 7kg.

We recommend ECOZOOM Green insulated with ceramic fiber where portability is important, whether you cook outdoors or carry it in the trunk when going out in the woods or hiking. Daily cooking 3 years. Weight approx. 6kg.




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