Instructions for use of the stove on green ECOZOOM wood

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The stove for cooking on wood and coal Green Ecozoom is very efficient and uses little fuel formost of the cooking tasks.

The pleasures found around the courtyard or campsite are usually sufficient for your needs tit. With Four dry branches of about 2cm in diameter you can boil five litres of water in less than 20 minutes, and three other branches you can boil at low fire 40 minutes.

Wants branches to stove the rocket

Cooking instructions

Green ozone is stronger than most portable propane burners. What you probably didn't know is that the burning temperature in the fireplace is just as easy to control.

It uses several branches for high power (taking care not to block the air flow) and one or two branches for lower power. Withdrawal of branches fromThe fire will lower the temperature.

Always use the outer support for wood and fuel the fire by letting only the tip of the branches burn. The secret is to encourage the free flow of oxygen around the branches, which gradually warm and release gases that burn efficiently.

Ecozoom Green rocket component

Use the interior support grill only when you cook using coal. Otherwise, for biomass burning, the inside grill support is not required.

Cooking options -Ecozoom VERDE is strong enough and versatile to cook in a variety of ways. With the use of the right cooking dishes,Ecozoom allows you to fry, boil and cook just like a traditional stove. You can easily boil your wife's water or vegetables in a pan and with little practice it will help you cook safely and efficiently.

Safety instructions

Green EcoZOOM should only be used outdoors. Under no circumstances may it be used for light, heat or cooking inside the rooms.

While we're cooking in the open air, it's important to remove all the inflammatory elements around the stove.

The use of flammable gas or lighter fluid in the kiln firing is not recommended.

During prolonged use, the cast iron support and the rocket stove body will become hot. Do not touch them during use.


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