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Payment methods

You can buy products on ecozoomro using one of the following payment

1. Transfer

Payment secan doand bybank transfer onbaseproforms invoice, deliveryfollowingis doneafter entryamount (considerationtotalinvoice)in accountus. Data required toPayment bybank transferare

G. com: J22/947/
IF: 35946282
Address: Str. Mihail 24, Iasi, The
IBAN RO72INGB000099990588703


2. Online with bank card via EuPlenum (Visa/Master/Mastercard).

If you have chosen the " Online by bank card it is necessary to fill in a form with the information about your card in the secure page of the

-Payments with credit/debit cards issued under the logo Visa and MasterCard (Visa/Visa Electron and MasterCard/Maestro)

to perform through the system "3-D Secure" developed by organizations that ensure online transactions the same level of security as those performed at the ATM or in the physical environment

-"3-D Secure" ensures in the first place that no information related to your card is transferred or stored,

at no time, on store servers or on the servers of the payment processor, this data being directly introduced in Visa and MasterCard

 Important to know!-For the payments by bank card no commission is charged!


3. Payment

You can select the payment and you will pay the cash to the fast

We recommend to avoid cash in this period, if possible.